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If there is one thing that sets Synerprise Consulting Services apart from our competition, it is our experienced and knowledgeable staff. Representatives have been trained to perform their job in a professional and compliant manner. All Federal and state laws are strictly adhered to. The success we share with our clients is a product of our staff's dedication and attention to detail. We function as an extension of your business office. Extra care and time is spent to ensure that any person or company contacted on your behalf recognizes our professional approach in resolving an account.

Rich McCoy


Rich McCoy started in the collection industry in 1983 as a part-time collector and by 1987 opened his first agency, Affiliated Management Services, Inc. As Affiliated Management Services, Inc. continued to thrive so did Rich’s ambition. In 2002 Mr. McCoy opened Synerprise Consulting Services, Inc. with office locations in both Kansas City and Dallas. Both Affiliated Management Services, Inc. and Synerprise Consulting Services, Inc. continue to flourish through on-site ownership and hands-on leadership and have expanded to employ over 70 employees. By researching new innovations and current technology, Rich has been able to continue to evolve in his field and to provide the best services to his clients and customers. Rich is also a member of the American Collectors Association and stays up to date on the ever-changing climate of the industry. Mr. McCoy continues to build strong relationships within the office, within the community and within business realm with clients.

Maureen Courtney

VP of Client Services

Maureen Courtney started in the collection business in 1993, working for Mr. McCoy as an office manager for Affiliated Management Services, Inc. Maureen attended many classes and workshops in management and human resources through the ACA.

In 2002, Richard, Ron and Maureen opened a new agency, Synerprise Consulting Services, Inc. With the many years of collection experience the owners have, the agency has continued to grow with new technology and provide excellent client and customer support.

Ron Boese

VP of Marketing & Sales

Since 1975, Ron has provided A/R-related services to physicians whose practices range in size from solo a practitioner to large medical school practice plans. In 1985, Ron made the decision to specialize in the Credit & Collection industry, working exclusively within the Healthcare arena. Starting in a true “Mom & Pop" enterprise, which through several acquisitions & mergers, eventually evolved into a global collection agency. Ron noticed that providing personal customer service while meeting/exceeding client expectations was no longer their primary focus.

With a strong desire to return to those values Rich, Maureen and Ron joined forces and opened Synerprise Consulting Services in 2002. Under the leadership of the best management team in the industry, Synerprise holds fast to their commitment of providing personal, ongoing customer service, which will exceed each of our customers’ expectations. Ron's commitment to maintaining and nurturing long-term client relationships is unrivaled in the industry, earning Synerprise the trust and loyalty of their clients.

Jason Beeding

General Manager

A novel problem solver with over 18 years of successful, effective leadership driven results in both the retail and healthcare fist / third party collections. Jason specializes in client care, call center product implementation and leadership driven results with TEAM first in mind. His active approach in facilitating and servicing client needs with staff abilities has resulted in millions back to our clients year over.

Matt McNeil

Collections Manager

Matt has been with the company since 2003 and his primary roles include: client relations, personnel management, compliance, legal and project management. His active involvement in multiple areas of the company translates into a responsive and effective customer service experience for our clients and their accounts.

Rich McCoy III

Floor Manager

Rich McCoy started off his career in the collection industry in 2002 working the phones, resolving medical debt with patients. After years of success on the phone he began to manage areas of the business that would help other collectors have similar success and improve Synerprise Consulting's overall collection numbers. He currently handles the recruitment of new representatives and trains them to make sure they are not only skilled on the phone, but fully compliant with HIPAA and the FDCPA. Rich works to build multi-level strategies to reach our consumers with all of the latest communication technologies to ensure our clients are yielding the best possible results on collection percentages.